Features of our Connect Boat system

Our system is a boat monitoring & control system with the ability to live view CCTV see NMEA connected devices all on one platform.

General features

  • Ability to disarm the alarm system, EASY ONE BUTTON PRESS and set devices (inputs) i.e. PIRs to be set or unset within the system, simple button on APP dashboard stating alarm on/off, and the status system armed/unarmed
  • Show last updated time it communicated with on board platform.
  • Inputs – Multi inputs to the device are available, i.e. Bilge, Fire, Panic, Tilt, up to 20 and each device can be renamed.
  • Our system comes with its own battery back up device so if the boats battery’s are low you can shut them off they can’t drain more power and flatten them totally.
  • Control system so you can have onboard controls via touchscreen or multi touchscreen.
  • Ability to set the inputs to alarm or to set a sequence, i.e. if the bilge alarm comes off after 5 seconds of notification activate sounder (output) and turn on bilge pump (output) and send out alert.
  • Ability to set or unset notifications for everything so if tilt alarm goes off maybe not notify etc if sailing yacht
  • Additional Security Pin code if required for client to log in to app or desktop before they access the app.
  • Name of boat on each app and client contact details and the ability for customers to update their contact details for us so we can see
  • Our contact details on there and the ability for them to send us an email if required
  • Ability for us to send a message, system update, data running low etc to client via notification
  • Weather at the boat’s location button on app so you can see the weather before you leave home or look at the camera or NMEA gauges for verification.
  • SOS button – on app if you hit SOS it notifies all contacts alerts stored in.
  • Fleet – Has the capability to see more than one boat and receive messages from all of them
  • DEMO facility- Log on to our virtual boat and see a system in action
  • Temp sensors – up to 8 temp sensors can be individually renamed, parameters set by customer, send notification if up or below parameter client sets.
  • Engine inhibit – stop the engine from starting (various safety features in place and will be discussed)


  • View Latitude/Longitude, speed in Knots, Heading /Course.
  • View maritime & Google Maps and show a live location.
  • Safe return – if the boat has not returned to its start position, or after a timeframe that countdown timer of hours-returned to its start location or its destination a notification is sent
  • Drift – if the boat moves away from a set location parameter notification sent
  • Geo fence – if the boat leaves a geo fenced area a notification is sent
  • Ability to leave a marker point on the mapping for diver’s wrecks and POI (marina’s, general interest etc)


  • Show battery voltages up to eight and all can be individually named , send notification if battery level drops user is able to set parameters so if battery drops below 11v notify and final alert on log if system has no power to operate further.
  • Shore power x2 inputs – show if shore power is being received and the voltage, send alert if power drops below parameter set by client.


  • Journey log – where the boat has been for the day, a snail trail of its route and timeframes and speed.
  • LOG OF EVENTS so a NOTIFICATIONS TAB showing what all activations and alerts have been
  • Ability for customer to enter his users details on app or PC and delete so he can decide who gets notifications or access to his portal on boat


  • NMEA – Show items connected to boats NMEA 2000 Network
  • Has the ability to show most connected NMEA devices as a graph, gauge, voltage , windspeed, fuel level ,water level fresh and grey and send out a notification, i.e. fuel low, grey water high, SOG ,COG ,STW and ability to rename each NMEA device as suits.




  • Ability to view the vessel connected camera live and playback footage ( live view data is capped) so you can verify if the PIR activation is an operative servicing the vessel, an intruder or a friend. If shore power is lost the external camera can view that the pontoon has lost power or just your vessel.
  • External CCTV – button on the APP which takes directly to stand alone CCTV page for live view for multi camera systems.


  • SHOWS on the APP the GSM signal of the device, if it’s connected to 4G or SAT COMMS Iridium and the signal strength in a graph and what network its connected to.
  • Device works in Europe and has a multi network SIM fitted so scans for the strongest signal and latches to that so you get the best coverage offshore and in all locations.
  • Long range GSM external antennas can be fitted to maintain signal as far offshore as possible and when the vessel loses GSM signal it automatically switches to Iridium if fitted.
  • Iridium Sat comms client can log on to their portal and pay for sat comms for when they require so if not required in winter just pay for summer months- Data is paid for in advance in credits and you can see the data usage.
  • Ability for client to log from the Sky APP to Sat Comms platform to update Iridium data to save messing about with two portals.