Welcome to the Communicating Boat

Sky Marine Alert leading the “Communicating Boat” and fits any type of boat and is a fully installed system by our own engineers. The great thing about our product is that everything can be adapted it’s not a boxed system.

The whole solution is designed by us and software hosted on our own UK servers with our software.

The product offers great functionality with NMEA interfacing so you can see any NMEA devices on your APP with multiple other features

We fit to all types of boat and to all budgets just drop us an email and lets talk.

Features include:

  • Multi battery & temperate voltages
  • Shore Power Loss
  • Easy activation/deactivation of alarms
  • Worldwide GSM coverage & Sat Comms available
  • Journey Logs & Safe return system so you can see where you have been and if you don’t reach your destination or are not back in the allocated time frame an alert is sent out

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you?